The WINTER 19 collection is inspired by the journey in a metaphorical sense intended as maturation, as a path of growth, as a search for solutions, without the fear of the new and the different.

All this is reflected in the technical solutions adopted such as the flex hinge for metal models, the new terminal in-house designed, 8mm acetate sheets for more precise processing (etc.) to offer products of even higher quality than to the previous ones.

The concrete journey that inspired this collection was the one between California and Nevada, completely on the road, from the Los Angeles sunsets to the northernmost canyons passing through the streets, which seemed to never end, of the old west.

For this reason, we have chosen to give names related to the far west: Nidawi, Wild Bill, Hunter created with the idea in mind that a Native American, a hunter on horseback and a damned cowboy were wearing our creations.