The SUMMER 20 collection is inspired by the culture of moonshiners, underground distillers who produced whisky during the prohibition period:

In order to evade the police checks and avoid that the smoke from the artisan production could be seen, all the production phases were carried out during the night, hence the name “moonshine” referring to the moonlight.

Moonshine takes on a romantic meaning when you think that before Prohibition and the big gangsters, it was produced by small farmers looking for extra income at the end of the long war of independence against England.

Each model of the new collection is linked to this culture from which the names are derived.
The idea of joining these two apparently distant worlds was born from a trip to Canada and a chat with our producer in Veneto.

The trip to Canada represents the starting point of the new collection, it is there that we saw for the first time the remains of old distilleries; the link with Veneto craftsmanship comes from the anecdote that tells that in times of crisis every family had either a buratto or a machine to fix glasses adapting them to different needs without having to buy new ones.

Our new collection weaves the mastery of craftsmanship in search of escape through volumes and design.