UDM is a young company that manufacturers and distributes sunglasses which have been exclusively handmade in Italy.

The brand has been founded by two friends during the university period with the idea to create a contemporary eyewear brand and all the collection is inspired by the daily facts that happen around them and in the world.

UDM is a brand that is constantly changing, both with respect to design, which looks at the past looking for modernity, and with respect to quality, always looking for workmanship, finishes and technical solutions aimed at creating a completely new product, untied from the classical canons, which makes us free to express our vision.

Each collection is developed following a theme, a sort of common thread between product and communication.

UDM has been the eyewear of choice for a number of celebrities and influencers. Sofia Richie, Jessica Alba, Lais Ribeiro, Veronica Ferraro, Xenia Adonts, Jamie Chung and Eva Chen, have all spontaneously decided to wear UDM sunglasses, confirming its position as one of the most interesting and innovative contemporary eyewear companies.
UDM is equally committed to the well being of our craft and craftsmen. Our products are created using fair and ethical production methods to create eyewear that ultimately presents a forward-looking take on visual empowerment.

We have a story to tell and we hope you are ready to listen to it.

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